Something personal

I think I’ve lost my mind… 


I’ve never woken up every single hour of the night thinking of someone before.  


The minutes dragged on… 

The hours… I thought they’d never pass.  


How could this happen? How could I allow someone to consume me so completely? 

I am so screwed if I lose her.   


11:00pm- I looked for her.

12:00am- I checked again.

1:00am- I listened for her.

2:00am- I dreamed of her, only half asleep.

3:00am- I searched in a sleepy daze.

4:00am- I was fully awake and in agony over my obsession.

5:00am- I checked again and begged time to move faster.

6:00am- I tried to keep my eyes closed, knowing she wouldn’t be there.

7:00am- Finally time to get up, definitely no “snoozing” today… first thing I looked for her, just in case I’d missed something in the night.


Oh I haven’t experienced such insomnia in years… 

If this continues, I’ll have to get some sleeping pills again.


Please let this end soon. 


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