What I am grateful for this morning- July 16, 2012

  • Coffee! My life’s energy. What ever would I do without it?
  • That furry, purring company.
  • Early mornings, cool, calm and quiet.
  • Her- sweet, gentle, human.
  • My friends.
  • The trip I’m about to take to secure my new home in a new city.
  • Art… I need it now, as I have much on my mind.
  • The enjoyable site I found which issues a challenge a day to help improve one’s life and well being.  Although I wish they would allow more than one a day.
  • 2012- it’s been the best year of my life and there’s still more to come.
  • Yoga, it really does wonders for the mind and body. Must get to it today.
  • Music, soothing the soul.
  • Clean laundry, I love it.
  •  Packing, it’s fun.
  • Sleep- hopefully I’ll get some tonight.
  • Breakfast… must remember to eat it. Right now, in fact.

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