A wonderful blog that I want to share

I’m truly a sucker for romance. I never really used to be, but falling in love changes a person. Maybe it’s just that I couldn’t fully appreciate the beauty of true love until I experienced it for myself. Maybe it’s the fact that I spent so many years looking for love and romance with men. Or maybe it’s because I was too cynical in the past. Whatever the reason, I now have a deep appreciation for true love and romance.

That said, I want to share my new friend’s blog with my readers here. I’m posting the link to her first post because everyone should read it from the very beginning. It’s a wonderful and romantic love story, full of inspiration on many levels.




“Genny’s Adventure” is a beautiful story that I think should be shared with the world. Take the time to read it from the beginning and you won’t be disappointed. Genevieve is a lovely person with a real talent for writing. Her story touched me deeply and I think many other people will feel the same. It’s intriguing, inspiring, and I’d even say addictive!


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