What I’m grateful for this morning- July 23, 2012

Beginning my day with gratitude…


  • My girl – I got to talk to her last night. Unfortunately I overslept and missed her this morning because I was up way too late talking to her all night. I’m glad we got to talk for so long, though.
  • Yoga – I really need to buckle down and stop putting it off. I always feel better when I do yoga, physically and mentally. I did it this morning and I’ve decided to look into Pilates as well.
  • Photography – I use an iPhone for my photography, but I’m very impressed with the photos it takes. Not to mention the apps for creative editing. So much fun!
  • People – People just fascinate me; I love them. I love that no one is perfect, that you can meet someone and think you like everything about them until they reveal a thought, opinion or behavior that just throws you. It keeps you on your toes and makes you think.
  • Friendship/connection – People aren’t meant to be alone. We are meant to make connections all through our lives. Some are close, some are distant; some are fleeting, some are everlasting. If you pay attention you’ll see how every contact you make impresses upon you in some way.
  • Dreams – Not the ones you have when you’re sleeping, but the ones you strive to achieve. Whether attainable or not, it’s our dreams and aspirations that push us when life gets tough. This is why we can never truly have everything we want. If we did, what would have to look forward to or work toward?
  • Glorious coffee – Just don’t give me flavors or sugar.
  • Animals – Studies have shown that animals benefit our mental and emotional health, which is where physical health begins. Hence, pet-therapy. When I am sad, my cats know and they offer comfort. Sometimes it’s smothering comfort. My fat cat sprawls across my chest purring and pats my face with his paws if I cry.
  • The internet – I just love that I can do everything online. I don’t need a television set or cable, a radio, journals or books (although I have those anyway and certainly will not replace them entirely), a telephone (although I have that, too), a class room, etc.

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