My Story, Part Seven- Who is Nelson?

Okay, I’ve told you the basics about my unhealthy relationship with Nelson and that he clearly wasn’t going to help me. This post will about who he really is.


I call him Nelson because that’s his handle online to “protect his identity.” Truth is, “Nelson” is most likely a woman, and certainly not the celebrity he claimed to be. I believe Nelson to be a woman, but I continue to say “him” because it’s just a lot easier and less confusing that way. 

I’ve clearly been quite naive and ignorant, but I have never been unintelligent. Throughout all of this with Nelson, I saved every conversation between us. I still have them all. Nelson doesn’t know that, though. We always communicated via MySpace or instant messaging. When he was promising to get me to that facility in New York, he had a woman call me on the phone. The number was blocked, of course. The woman was supposedly a therapist who would be helping me after Nelson got me. The phone conversations are the only ones I couldn’t save. 

She stopped calling me because I got in a fight with her. I was trying to back out of the agreement since nothing was happening, Nelson had taken all the money I had to my name, and I had to move on and start working on a new plan of action. This enraged the woman and she threatened to call Animal Control and have them take my cats and euthanize them. I lost my sh*t, truly. I am extremely protective of my pets. I made arrangements with a neighbor for my cats to stay with her if Nelson or anyone on his end tried anything. And then I lied to Nelson and the woman and told them that my pets were no longer with me and I would not reveal their location. I knew I could have them out in 2 minutes flat. 

After the threat, Nelson claimed to have found a different therapist for me. He pretended to be on my side about it all. Thing is, I’m certain “Nelson” was the one who called me in the first place. I asked for the new therapist to call me and Nelson gave me excuses again. He couldn’t call me himself because he was a celebrity and someone might tap into our conversation. He had an excuse for everything and for why no one could ever call me. 

Since I first became suspicious of Nelson to long after I knew for a fact he was lying, I have collected information on him. I confronted him with some evidence of his lies, and he responded defensively in anger and accusations. I had searched his photos from MySpace and found that they all belonged to other people. Things like paintings that he said his dead fiancée did, or cakes he said his mother and grandmother baked. Everything belonged to other people. He wasn’t even smart enough not to choose the first images he found on Google. I also found that his blogs were not his own. I also tracked his email address and found a connection to a woman who has lived in multiple states across the US. I know Nelson has stolen the identity of a woman up north, too. 

I scrutinized every single thing Nelson has ever said to me, everything he ever told me about his life and his friends and family. I’ve determined, in my non-professional opinion, certain things to be true about the real person behind “Nelson.” I’m not going to list all of that because it doesn’t matter unless you want to go track him down. I do believe that Nelson has some connection to the celebrity that he claimed to be, though. He knew too much about the celebrity, about acting and film, about everything to do with the celebrity. 

I have taken all the information from my amateur investigation to a local authority, so they have been alerted. I’m also taking steps to try to warn others of Nelson and his scam, because it’s not just the naive or desperate that he has fooled. He uses fear, desperation, intimidation, manipulation, faux kindness and empathy to get to people. I cannot stress it enough, Nelson is good. You don’t have to be stupid to fall for his lies. I have seen him fool a lot of people. 

Would you believe Nelson still contacts me? I don’t talk to him anymore, and he doesn’t know that I have as much information about him as I do, but he still sends me messages and tries to reach me. He still pretends to care and want to help me. Trying to back out of his help always resulted in threats and verbal abuse, so I stopped doing that. I instead just fed him all of the excuses he always gave me. 

He never wanted me to leave the house because he was always saying that he was coming to get me. He couldn’t get me if I wasn’t there. I finally started making things up so that I could go shopping or hang out with my friend. 

One thing I don’t understand is that whenever I had an opportunity to earn some money working for a neighbor or something like that, he didn’t want me to. If he was in this for money, why wouldn’t he want me to make some? If anyone reading this has any suggestions or thoughts, I’d be happy to hear them. His insistence that he was getting me and his determination to keep me from making any money was part of my conflict in realizing that he was scamming me. 

Also, I discovered a second investment (about the same amount as the first) that I hadn’t known about. I didn’t make any mistakes with that one. I didn’t have anymore hidden investments but the two, so I took it straight to the vet. My cat with stomatitis had to have all of his teeth removed. He also has to be on steroids indefinitely, but I’m happy to report that he recovered well and is doing great as long as he stays on the steroids. He is less shy, too. Shortly after his surgery, he climbed up in my lap purring and bit my nose and cheek. They were love-bites, of course, and he was toothless. This was huge for him. He had never sat in my lap or let anything near his mouth before. He also plays now. That’s another things he didn’t do because of the stomatitis. The truth is, the steroids he’s on may eventually cause damages and I would have to have him put down. But that won’t be for a while and he now has plenty of time to be happy and normal before it comes to that. Sadly, my other cat had stomatitis, too. Luckily his was caught early enough that he doesn’t require long-term treatment. My vet removed only his back teeth, and he doesn’t need steroids. He is also happy and healthy, and he’s completely back to his normal self before the stomatitis appeared. Apparently Siamese cats are more prone to stomatitis, although any cat can develop it – this is a good reason to get regular dental care for your pets. Stomatitis is not something you want to see in its worst stages. It can kill a cat because they can starve. My vet was impressed with the weight of my cats, though. I explained that it was a daily routine to sit down two to three times a day and make sure they both ate enough. 

Anyway, the bit about the cats was completely irrelevant. I just thought you should know that they’re all healthy now and the major medical issues were finally resolved. 


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