Feeling Jazzy

I’m listening to some jazz and contemplating my week. I have plenty to do and some exciting prospects ahead!


I finally got an appointment with a dentist to fix my tooth today! Yay!! I’m so glad it hasn’t really been painful and I’ve actually been able to eat even with the broken tooth. Haha it’s been a little awkward, but it’s fine.

I put another ad up for my dog, seeking a permanent home or foster care. One person emailed about her. I’m feeling a little cautious and protective… they asked if she was a Pit Bull. It could mean they want to make sure she’s not a restricted breed, but it could also mean they’re looking for a fighting dog. I volunteered at a couple of shelters for a few years and I encountered a lot of people who pretended to be nice family people seeking a good pet, but they really just wanted a dog to fight illegally. Some people even broke in and stole the Pit Bull’s we had at the shelter. I made sure the guy who emailed me knew that my dog is not a Pit Bull or any other fighting breed. I’ll also be giving her to someone in the town where I’m moving so that I can check up on her and make sure she’s happy and well cared for. I actually only have her now because I’d given her to someone once before and when I checked up on her I found her chained up outside with no food, water or shelter. She was bony and filthy, so I took her back. Here’s hoping for the best in this, though!!

My friend and I did not get the house we wanted, so that was a little discouraging, but now we have a day set to go look at others. My friend has been so great in all of this. I’ve been researching places online and she has been calling them all with the appropriate questions and such. I’m not so good on the phone and she says I’m better with the online research, so we’re working well together. I can’t wait to go look at more places!! We were supposed to be moving tomorrow, but we haven’t been able to find a place. It’s been stressful, but we’re going to get it together now! We decided to go there and not leave until we’ve secured a place, haha.

My sweet girl has been so wonderful lately, although she is wonderful all the time. She has a knack for somehow knowing exactly what I need to hear at any given moment. I can’t wait for November when she comes to visit! There are so many places that I want to take her out to. I’ve made several trips to the town I’m moving to, and each time I’ve made a mental list of restaurants or places I think she’ll like. I’m also really looking forward to sharing Thanksgiving with her! I love Thanksgiving because it was my Grandpa’s favorite holiday. He’s always a constant in my thoughts through November. I’m thrilled to be hosting the holiday at my place this year! I can’t wait to do all the cooking and preparation. It’s going to be so much fun! My friend will help me with the cooking and my girl will keep me company. It’s going to be great! She’s never been to the US and she’s never had a Thanksgiving, so it will be a fun, new experience.

I’ve been drawing lately and when I finish a few pieces I’ll post them on here. I’ll probably wait until I have about 5 pieces done. I’m also going to set up an Etsy shop (thanks, Genevieve, for the suggestion!) and see if I can sell anything. I got some canvases for painting, too, but I won’t be painting again until after my move. All of my paints and brushes are packed away right now. I can’t wait to dig into that, though! And I’m moving to a nice, artistic community, so I know I’ll have plenty of inspiration.


I’m glad to get back to my regular blogging now that I’ve finished the “My Story” posts. I’m very much in the mood to write, so I’ll be back to post again after my morning yoga!


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