Moving Update

Life is so wonderful right now! Everything with our move is falling into place so beautifully.

First we found a place and the landlady gave it to us immediately even though there were several other people interested in it. Then we got a bed for April right after it had been put out on display. Then we found a bed set for me less than 24 hours after the ad had been posted online. Plus both of our jobs were secured quickly and with no issues at all!

The man who sold me the bed set hadn’t been sure if I wanted it, but he put off selling it to anyone else (several people wanted it) until I could get out to his place to look at it. It came with a Serta mattress that looked brand new, a bed frame with a headboard and posts, two side tables with drawers, a vanity, and a dresser… All for $250!!

On top of that incredible deal, the man was SO nice! He met with us last night, helped us load everything up, AND made two trips in his truck to deliver it all in the middle of the night!

I can’t believe how friendly and helpful people are here! Nor can I believe how blessed April and I have been in all of this. Everyone we’ve met here has been so nice and generous to us. The people who sold us April’s bed, our kitchen table and chairs, and our entertainment center, also delivered everything for free and set it all up in our house.

My room is coming along beautifully. I’ve painted about half of it and am hoping to finish it today. It looks so lovely with the pale blue walls, and my bed set matches the whole room perfectly.

Our duplex neighbor is very nice. She left us a potted plant with a card welcoming us in and letting us know that we can just knock if we need anything. She has three adorable little boys who are very friendly and polite. And they have the cutest little Pekingese dog named Rufus. I’m not the biggest dog person, but I really like Rufus!

I can’t wait to get to an internet connection so I can post some photos of our new place on here! Haha I just can’t wait to show it off. I’ll be posting before and after photos. 🙂


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