One can only do so much.

When you reach out to someone and they don’t reach back, you may never reach them. I reached out and gave so much, only to have them pull away further and further until finally just cutting me out entirely.

We both know this isn’t what they want. It’s incredible what fear can make you lose in life.

When no one in your life truly cares about you, it can be frightening when someone finally comes along and does truly care. Why is it frightening? Because it seems too good to be true. You can be afraid of it not being real, or of losing them. If you think about it, though, it makes no sense not to take the chance. The reward could be greater than the risk. And if it isn’t, if it doesn’t work out, your life isn’t over. It hurts, but you can know you tried for something great and you don’t have to wonder “what if.”

I wish they’d taken the chance on me. I took the chance on them. In end I suppose I lost out anyway, and I don’t know if I was ever able to make a positive and lasting difference in their life. They made one in mine, though.

I will be forever changed for knowing them.


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