What I’m Grateful For This Morning- 8/20/12

I haven’t written a gratitude post in a long time. Definitely overdue!


  • My beautiful new house that is turning into a home more each day.
  • My cats and all their silly antics that keep me running and make me laugh.
  • My best friend, April. I am so glad we moved in together.
  • My new and developing friendships, both online and offline.
  • My amazing girlfriend. I can’t wait to see what she brings to the world each day.
  • Employment, although I was supposed to start work today and haven’t yet heard from my boss. I’m sure I’ll reach him soon and it will be okay.
  • Great food. I love food, cooking, eating.
  • Location. I’m just thrilled that I have places to walk to and ride my bike to.
  • My neighbor, Jessie. She’s really nice, has three wonderful little boys, and she’s kind enough to share her washer and dryer with me and April.
  • My art. I’m going to set it all up today. I can’t wait to get started.
  • Coffee! Of course.

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