This Moment

Cup of hot coffee, gentle sunbeams warming my skin, lit cigarette in hand…

This moment.

Surrounded by manicured gardens, easy music reverberating, cool breezes traveling from the ocean…

This moment, mine.

Insecurities and anxieties try to find their way in. Memories pull at my heart strings. Unreached goals thrown in my face by what’s better here, and unappreciated.

This moment, just release.

Pasts build futures. Present is just that. Future undetermined.

This moment, stay in it.

Traffic in the distance, airplanes overhead, an eery calm in green gardens and soft blue skies.

This moment, formed over years.

Think about what it took in so many different lives just to reach this one single moment, for one single person. Pain and suffering, love and laughter, work and business, childhood and growth.

This moment, is divine.


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