Gratitude > Depression

I’m depressed. Plain and simple. Struggling to get out of bed in the morning, struggling to stay awake throughout the day, struggling to do anything productive.

I feel I’m desperately in need of some gratitude and positive reflection in my life right now.

What I’m grateful for and what I love about my life:

I love that my roommate, my neighbor and I take turns making dinner for each other. Jessica will randomly send us a text saying that dinner will be ready soon, or she’ll just show up with two plates of delicious food for us.
The other night, April and I went shopping and got food and dessert. I made sun-dried tomato and basil Alfredo chicken, pasta and fresh steamed peppers and spinach for dinner. April made delicious honey butter rolls. We has Jessica over for dinner and everyone loved it. It was really nice all three of us sharing dinner at our place. We were so full from dinner that we didn’t even get to the cookies and cream ice cream for dessert. April and I had some much later.

I love that the three of us can share clothes. I love that we end up with each others clothes, dishes, movies and random belongings at each others houses and no one is bothered by it. I love the family-like relationship that we all have with each other. We’re like sisters.

I love hearing Jessica’s boys run and play and laugh next door. I love seeing their toys and bikes outside. Children are wonderful. I love sitting on the porch watching the boys and the other neighbor’s little girl race through the neighborhood on their bikes.

I love having trash pickup. I’ve never had it before. I made sure I thanked the garbagemen when I first moved in. It’s a service not to be taken for granted.

I love that I can ride my bike to work. I love my bike. It’s a pretty pale yellow and just the color of it makes me happy. I Aldo get so many compliments on my bike. And another plus is that I’ve actually developed leg muscles now from riding and from my yoga.

I love all of the great people I’ve met and friendships I’ve made. I love that I have a social life. There are good people here and I am grateful to have them in my life.

As always, I love my coffee and am grateful for every cup. Hehe. I can’t wait for winter so I can have hot coffee on a brisk morning.

I love that everyone at work is working with me, being patient and helping me through my medical drama. They’re not making me feel bad about it.

I love and am grateful for my cats, of course. They’re amazing.

That’s it for now. I have to go to work.


2 thoughts on “Gratitude > Depression

  1. Natasha,
    There is a peaceful contentment here. You write this with such a casual tone that it is soothing to read and relaxing to process the ideas. In the tone of this post, I love that you are so grateful for the simple things. The things most people take for granted, you say thank you for them. Things like trash pickup and sharing dinner. Life is not about the BIG things. it is about the little things that make us happy.

    Thank you,

    • Thank you so much, Ed. šŸ™‚

      I started my gratitude posts a few years ago when I was severely depressed. I didn’t have much of anything, and on top of that the depression just made it seem even worse. I remember the only things that made it onto my list in the very beginning were coffee and my cats. I became more aware of what I had and more grateful with each post. I try not to take anything for granted; it can all be lost in an instant. I learned to be grateful for the little things mainly because I didn’t have much. From that, I learned to appreciate every little thing that I had. You can have nothing at all and still be grateful for a beautiful sunrise or a cool breeze. I will always be grateful for trash pick-up, having lived for so long without it and seeing how quickly trash piles up. I deeply appreciate and respect the garbagemen!

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