Medical Update

My friend took me to the hospital today to get the results of my heart monitor.

The actual doctor wouldn’t even see me to explain the results. The emergency room receptionist was kind enough to explain what she could. She said I have some sort of palpitations and I need to see a doctor and get meds for it. She said its likely because A) I’m 25 and people under 30 sometimes experience this, and B) I’m very thin which means I feel it more than others. She said it’s not life-threatening, just life-interfering.

So, I’ll be going to another doctor and getting meds for it. Then I’ll hopefully be okay. All good news.


2 thoughts on “Medical Update

  1. I’ve had palpitations since i was 16. I was told it was simply because of stress and/or anxiety. No meds offered, don’t know if it was cause of my age. But I still experience them, and life interfering is a pretty good description but hopefully the meds help you out and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

    • That’s about when mine started, too. I’ve had my issues since I was about 15, but it’s just gotten much worse recently. I do have an anxiety disorder, so it’s not unlikely that it could be part of the issue. I don’t know what kind of meds they’ll give me, but hopefully I’ll get to the doctor soon and get it all taken care of! 🙂
      I hope your palpitations aren’t causing too much of an issue. I’m sorry you’ve got the same problem I do.

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