Brief Work Update

I got that promotion at work. I am now officially the assistant head of housekeeping.

I am conflicted about my new position. It was Michelle’s position. She is absolutely enraged. I feel for her and I understand her, more so because she’s bipolar. She has verbally attacked me, the general manager, the head of housekeeping, the owner, and the housekeeper who I work with most often.

Michelle was not doing her job properly. That is why I got the position. I’m told that I am the best housekeeper there. I have to believe that now that I’m checking rooms behind all of the housekeepers.

I am thrilled that in the two days that I’ve had this new position, the two housekeepers who I have been checking behind are already improving and missing less and less. Kathy used to deliberately slack off with the bathrooms because Michelle never properly checked behind her. She knows that I will check properly, so she is now trying harder. I’m proud of her for that. Her rooms are looking so much better.

Michelle is so angry about losing her position that she and I were not scheduled to work together until the end of the week. I feel bad for her, but I also know that had she been doing her job properly she would not have lost it. I did nothing to steal the position from her. Everyone knew that I didn’t “want” her to lose it. However, I have more appreciation and respect for my job and the entire business.

I know I’m stressed and conflicted because I had a dream about it last night. I feel a little more ready for it today. I received no training for this position, but today is my third day and I think I now know what I’m doing. So, I’m going to do my best to release this stress that I’ve been feeling. As for Michelle, I’ll see her on Saturday and hopefully we can work out the personal aspects of it all.


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