About Kay

She could easily be my best friend.

I spend more time with her than anyone else. We can talk about anything. We are perfectly comfortable around each other.

I took her out to lunch yesterday. She has done so very much for me; I wanted to pay her back in a small way. I was approved for expedited food stamps, which meant that I had a little extra cash to spend.

We went out to a seafood restaurant. She got shrimp and I got fish. We went back to her house and sat in her car just talking. I told her about some of my past. I just felt like I wanted to; like it was the right time. She amazes me every time we talk. The things she says are just…. Right. The depth of which she speaks is incredible.

We walked to a park and sat on the swings to talk some more. Her thoughts and theories impress me and stimulate my mind. We talked for hours. We talked until the sun went down.

When I’m with her, I feel right. I feel like life makes more sense. I feel like I’m allowed to be me. I feel like my past doesn’t matter.

The world slips away and it’s just us.

Kay tells me awkward things that most people wouldn’t admit. I like that, and it makes me laugh. She tells me important things seem to come from a place deep inside her that not many people get to see. She shares things with me that not many others have had the privilege to see. She makes me feel like I can make a difference; like I matter and am important.

Kay is beautiful. She is a beautiful person inside and out. All of my friends keep telling me how gorgeous, adorable and special she is.

I know.

I see it, too. And I see more than they do.


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