Gratitude- 11/18/12

• Coffee- I can’t wait for December, because hot coffee with milk just tastes better around Christmastime.

• My cats- When I wasn’t feeling well yesterday after work, Barrik purred in my face for an hour. Haha. He even licked my face.

• Friendship- April has proven time and time again that she and I will be best friends for life. Erika is such a great friend, and so very much fun to be around. Kay… is amazing. I can’t express my gratitude to her enough.

• Work- I love my job, and even more now with the promotion.

• My coworkers- Some of them have really stepped up to help me in my new position, and I appreciate them so much.

• The government- All faults aside, I have to appreciate the government for the help that I’ve received. I was just approved for food stamps. They even put a rush on mine so I could get them immediately.

• My bike- Two miles to work isn’t much on a bike, but I wouldn’t want to walk it twice a day. I love my bike.

• Autumn- I am absolutely loving this cold weather. I don’t overheat at work anymore, nor on the ride to work.

• Kay- She deserves her own section right now. Kay is always there for me, and she never fails to express her appreciation when I’m there for her.


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