I could scream right now.
I’m so fed up with people that I could scream.

As some of you know, there is a group of Egyptian pilots staying at the hotel while they go to flight school here. They’re messy, as are most young college guys, but they’re nice. They are typical college guys, except they’re polite.

Today we had pest control come in to spray their rooms for bugs. I had to go with him to make sure nothing went wrong. The pilots always have a lot of electronics sitting out, such as laptops. We didn’t want anything to happen to their belongings.

As I took him to each room, it became more and more apparent that he was blatantly racist.

I get it; I really do. We were attacked as a country by terrorists. That’s not something anyone can just forget. I honestly do understand.

However…. It is never acceptable to make racists comments, especially in front of people.

One of our Egyptian guests was sleeping in his room. He didn’t reply even when we opened the door. I know the guy. He never replies. He just ignores you because he doesn’t want to get out of bed. He was probably up half the night partying like any other typical college guy.

I told him that I was allowing the pest control man into the room to spray for bugs. He didn’t reply, which I expected, but I know he was awake and heard me. The pest control man says “I don’t know about this… What if he has a gun under there and he pulls it out and shoots me?!”

I couldn’t freaking believe that he said that. In front of my guest, no less. All I could say was “I know these guys; they’re nice guys. I clean their rooms every day. They are nice guys.”

I’m seriously sick of people right now. Comments like that hurt. Ignorance hurts.


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