Connection and Understanding

I don’t think people ever truly connect or understand each other.
What a sad truth… or just a simple fact.

Language was developed as a desperate attempt to express a thought. Since the time of the very first human beings who inhabited the earth, we have grown into a society who want to connect on a deeper level. We all desire understanding from our peers.

At first, I imagine language was used mainly to express necessities such as food or danger. Now we use language to express emotions that really go far beyond mere words. Perhaps in several thousand more years we will have better ways to communicate that which we’re thinking and feeling on a whole new level.

Until we develop new methods, we have only the words that we know and the methods that we’re currently using. These things don’t seem to be sufficient.

I could tell you that I’m in love. I could make it sound pretty with eloquent structure of words. You wouldn’t truly understand, though. You can’t feel what I’m feeling. And for all you know, I could just be a writer who isn’t even in a relationship, let alone in love.
I could tell you that I’m hurting. I could express it in such a way that you think you emphasize with my pain. I could cry and you might feel for me. You wouldn’t really understand, though. You haven’t experienced what it is to be “me.”

I meet people sometimes who seem to understand me better than most. I can talk to them and feel like we’re connecting on a deep level of understanding. Then one day there comes a time where nothing I say seems to reach them, and nothing they say seems to make sense to me.

Haven’t we all experienced this? You have a best friend or lover who knows you better than anyone else. They make sense to you and seem to understand and relate. Then one or both of you have a bad day and your words to each other seem to just miss each other.
I can almost see it when it happens. I’m talking to someone, they’re talking to me, but our words don’t reach each other. It’s like when you try to high-five someone multiple times and you miss each other’s hands, except with words. You keep trying, but for some reason you just can’t make that connection.



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