I have found myself falling irreparably for Kay. 


I’m trying so hard to be the friend and nothing more. Yet, as soon as she looks at me with those big brown eyes, framed by full black lashes… I’m done. 


I’m trying to look at the bright side. If nothing else, these feelings for Kay have at least shown me that I’m capable of healing from what happened with my ex (which still hurts more than I’d like to admit). She’s at least shown me that my ex wasn’t the only person in the world who is so special; who can find a place in my heart. 


Unfortunately now I’m stuck in the same situation: longing for someone who doesn’t want me. 


Kay is not just like my ex. She is her own person and I’m falling for her for different reasons. However, there are some similarities. Kay, like my ex, doesn’t see just how amazing she is. She doesn’t see all of the wonderful little things that make her so special. 


In all things, I have an eye for the details which most don’t notice. Perhaps this is part of it. 


I think I enjoy and value personality quirks in some people that others either don’t notice, don’t like or just take for granted. 


I have to go to work now, but I’m going to post more about this later. I need to get it out of my system. 


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