New Endeavor

I know I’ve been absent for quite some time, but I have returned now and am reevaluating my life.


My beautiful ex-fiance forcefully encouraged me to go back to college. Sometimes you need someone in your life who won’t take your excuses. I haven’t been very happy with things lately. My roommate/best friend moved out and now lives too far away for me to visit. I was saving money to go back to college when this happened, but then had to spend it on rent because I no longer had a roommate to cover the other half. I have failed at finding a new roommate… repeatedly. I have no friends currently because I’m apparently too intelligent for them all and they “can’t keep up.” And my boss has decided to cut everyone’s hours in the midst of all this. Nonetheless, I am going back to school. I’m too intelligent to be scrubbing toilets for a living, and as for money… well, I will figure it out as I go. In terms of school, FASFA is a good place to start.

As some of you know, I was homeschooled. As a result, I did not learn anything about college and haven’t received any of the usual preparation that most people get. That makes going back to school more difficult for me than others.

I happened upon this blog with a great challenge. Here’s the link to it:

I’ve decided to join the contest and challenge myself to learn something new about college every day. The timing is perfect because I just began the FASFA enrollment process yesterday, which is the first step.

For the next 30 days (at least), I will post a new blog every day tracking my progress. This is actually going to be quite embarrassing for me because I will be learning things that most 15 year olds already know, and sharing it all with the world. Oh well, everyone starts somewhere. I’m just starting at 25 instead of 15.

Wish me luck!


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