The Gauntlet Challenge- Day One

Today, I’m starting out with the very basic things I don’t know. 


Semesters are about 15-18 weeks. Fall semester is September through December and Spring semester is January through May.


College credits are the amount of time spent learning, supposedly.  About one in-class hour and three out-of-class hours. 64-128 credits required to get a degree, depending on the degree. 


Certificate programs take the least amount of time and cover smaller-scale careers such as yoga, meditation, massage therapy, etc. This is what I considered doing. 

Associate degrees are where you only study that which is relevant to your field. This is what I’ll do, I’m sure, mainly because I’m not sure how I’d do in school for four years. 

Bachelors degrees require basic classes as well. This is what I “should” do, especially since I’d like to take some of those general classes anyway. 

Masters degrees are exactly that- mastering a field of study. This is what I wish I could do, because I’m a perfectionist. 

Doctoral degrees are for those who basically want to spend half their lives in school. This is what I’ll never do. 



References:   Good article.



I would just like to say that I am not very concerned about credits or a degree. I can’t honestly imagine doing the same thing for the rest of my life… except maybe science. I am excited to begin all of this, though. I just know I won’t be doing it as everyone else does. I expect to receive a lot of criticism and judgement, to be honest, but I know myself better than anyone and I know my capabilities and I will not be persuaded to take on more than I know I can handle. I think that’s a big problem with college students (at least the ones I know). They take on more than they can handle and end up just barely scraping by. I don’t wish to scrape by. I wish to excel. 


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