The Gauntlet Challenge- Day Three

I’m running a bit late today because I worked at both of my jobs and had to meet with someone about a printer for college, so I decided to just pick an easy topic.  

I had a very general question for today’s topic: What should every college student know? 

I found this article:

What I’ve learned from this: 

1. No Major? No Problem

I don’t have to have a solid career goal going into college. I can take some time to explore, which is good because that is what I was planning on doing anyway. 

2. Your Advisor is an Important Resource

I definitely plan on getting to know the advisor. I have a lot of questions and will need some guidance, and I am not afraid to ask for help. 

3. The Truth about Textbooks

I will take the text book advice into consideration, but I I also remember buying a used book for a college class I attended before and it was not a good fit. The whole class was using one book and I was using another. Sure, I saved money, but I had to work twice as hard to locate relevant information in the book. I’m not doing that again. I’ll make sure I get the right text book, at whatever cost. 

4. Campus Involvement Builds Lasting Friendships

I disagree with this one. I definitely plan to get involved, and I do hope to meet people and make friends, but that is not what college is about. I personally think this is a contributing factor to many students’ stress and failure. Too much focus on social life and not enough focus on actual education. College, for me, is about education and self-improvement. That’s what it is for me now and that’s what it will remain. I made this mistake in high school. I chose to socialize more than study. Friends are wonderful, necessary even, but there is no guarantee that your friendships will actually last. Your education, however, will last if you do it right. Sorry to disagree here, but I am focused on my education and career possibilities more than the possibility of making friends. Again, I do hope to make friends, but I will make friends with like-minded people- those who value education as much as I do.

5. Balancing Work and Play Reduces Stress

I’m already ahead of the game here. I’ve witnessed too many students stressing and losing their minds over improperly balancing everything. Part of my challenge to myself in The Gauntlet is to get in the habit of coming home from work and immediately setting aside time to study. Also, I’ve been criticized for only wanting to take one or two classes, but I know myself and I know what I can handle and I refuse to take on more and fail (or scrape by, or be miserable). I’ll be juggling two jobs, college, socialization, and general life (shopping, bills, exercise, etc), so I’m going to start out slow and only take on what I know I can do well. 

6. Your Professors are Not the Enemy

I personally feel that my work will speak for itself, but I will certainly put forth the effort to introduce myself and ask questions as well. 

7. Studying Abroad Brings the Classroom to Life

This one does not apply to me. I will be studying here for a while, but maybe sometime in the distant future I can study abroad. It would be exciting. 

8. Every Campus Has Safety Hazards

This also does not apply to me because I am not living on campus. However, I will find out if there has been crime in the area. 

9. Internships Increase Your Hiring Power

I have thought about internships before, and this is definitely something I’m interested in. 

10. Avoiding Debt is Simple

I always stick to my budget and am actually very good with my money, all things considered. 


I also learned some new sites that will be very beneficial as a student, but I would like to explore those more tomorrow. What I really learned today is that I am more prepared for college than I initially thought, and not “as” ignorant as I’d thought. I still have a lot to learn, but I’ve realized that (like so many facets of my knowledge) the main thing I’m ignorant in is terminology. I’ve realized that I’ve retained more of the basic knowledge that I’ve gathered in discussion and minimal experience than I’d thought. 

On a side note, I really think this article should have emphasized the importance of sleep. I’ve found that so many college students consume excess amounts of caffeine, stay up all hours of the night, and suffer for every bit of it. They suffer mentally, emotionally and academically. Wouldn’t you agree that this is an important thing to address? Number 5 vaguely touched on the subject, but not nearly enough. Oh well, that’s just my opinion. 


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