The Gauntlet Challenge- Day Eight

So, I worked at my regular job this morning/afternoon, and then at my second job this afternoon/evening/night. As a result, I had to learn something new on my phone instead of my computer, usually while sweet Mrs. W. (the 92 year old who I care for) napped. 

These are links to what I was researching today:


I actually looked at many others, but these two were the only ones I remembered to save for reference. They were the main interest anyway. 

I was trying to consider majors, you see. I think a career with the FBI as an intelligence analyst would be challenging, enjoyable and good for humanity. I’m kind of going to put it on the back burner, so to speak, and consider it later. 

The relevant section of the second link is the part about psychological profiling. I’ve been interested in profiling for a while now, basically ever since I realized I was good at it. This is the first site I’ve found that actually specifies some of the requirements. 

I’m also very interested in genetics. I’ll look into that another day. I’ve had friends tell me that I shouldn’t become a scientist because I would be a mad scientist…. What other kind is there? 😉 


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