The Gauntlet Challenge- Day Nine

So, I’ve been thinking more about majors today. I learned that I can choose a major and change it later without it really being a big deal, so I’m leaning toward a psychology major to begin. However, I’ve never wanted to be a therapist. I mentioned that I’m interested in being a psychological profiler. Well, I decided to see what types of psychology majors there are, and what I might be interested in. This is what I came up with:

From there I followed links. We’re back to the FBI with this one. I have such a fascination with law, investigation and criminal science.

Both of those links above intrigue me, but I’m not sure I’d want  do either for a living. I think I’d rather spend a year studying it. Yes! I love this! Detecting deception. 


Okay, I’m a bit disappointed that I only found four of those options intriguing. Nonetheless, it is a start! As of today, I know for sure I will start out majoring in psychology. 


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