The Gauntlet Challenge- Day Eleven

I began the enrollment process into my college today. I wish I could say I did more than just that, but I’m quite sick and feel it’s fairly remarkable that I accomplished anything at all, to be honest. 

I can’t exactly post a reference link here. Any links would possess too much personal information to share online. 

I can, however, talk a bit about what I’ve done. The first few steps of applying are merely providing personal information. Beyond that, I had to determine what sort of student I am. I fall into the category of a transfer student since I’ve attended a college before. I didn’t complete the application because I don’t know my exact “graduation” date, which would be the date I received my GED. I have to look it up, and I’m just too ill to pull out the box where all of that information is stored away. I suppose I should have prepared for this a bit better, but I thought that information wouldn’t come up until later in the process. Now I know. 

I’m going to continue the process tomorrow. I don’t plan to be sick for long (as if anyone plans to be sick). I’ve been dosing myself with multiple meds all day (safely), and I anticipate feeling better tomorrow. Whether I feel better or not, though, I’m still going to finish my application. I’m also going to send out my transcript request to my former college. 


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