The Gauntlet Challenge- Day Sixteen

I’ve realized that there are far more options available at other colleges. I shouldn’t limit myself to one location. 

I’m thinking of moving to another city soon. This time, I’ll move based on the educational opportunities in the area. 

I’ve looked into a couple different colleges in nearby cities. One of them offers some exciting opportunities. My college here doesn’t offer anything I’m really interested in as a major. I’m just going to take some general classes and get my A.A. But I can finish that here and then move to another city and go to a college there for something I actually want to do. 

It has gotten to the point that there is only one thing keeping me where I am: my house. I love my house; I love its location and convenience, too. But if the only thing keeping me here is a lovely house in a good location, that’s just not enough. I can find another lovely place in another good location in a different city with more options. 

The college I’m interested in offers so much more in terms of science and psychology. Those are the fields of study in which I am interested. 

Goal set! 


*I would have provided more information, but I’m not exactly comfortable supplying the entire world with my location and the schools I may be attending. 


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