The Gauntlet Challenge- Day Fifteen

I recently learned that college teaches you how to write a research paper. I was laughed at when I disclosed that I had thought this was something one ought to already know. I don’t know how to write one, so I thought it would be fun to get a bit of a head start and learn now.

The first site I read was this one:



So Many Random Thoughts…

You know your cat is too fat when he lies down to eat his food. Time to diet, buddy.

Mosquitoes are so rude. Absolutely no concept of personal space and boundaries.

When you’re missing someone, remember that it’s the great times you had with them that you’re missing and be grateful.

Fireflies are so beautiful…. but only from a distance. They light up the night in a magical way, but if you look at an unlit one up close they’re just another weird insect.

People are a bit like fireflies. You never know how beautiful they can be or how brightly they can shine until you set them free.

Have teeth become a luxury? Poor people aren’t allowed to keep them as soon as they get a cavity? There ought to be more feasible options for the poor in regards to dental care than extractions.

Another firefly observation: One lone firefly in the night is pretty, but it’s only when that firefly is amidst its peers that it can truly shine as that small but integral part of something wonderful. This too can be equated to humanity.

Ignorance is not bliss. Knowledge is power. Education is a key that opens the door to everything life has to offer.

Waking Life: It’s my all time favorite film. I could watch it again and again. Sometimes I wish I could spend a day like that. How connecting and enlightening that would be. “I don’t want to be an ant.” 

In my travels back and forth between my current area and the town I’m moving to, I’ve encountered many different types of people. I love the connections we make in life, whether fleeting or lasting.

Honesty: The freeing impossibility that I so desire in my life.

Life is so incredibly complex. I find that I have a love-hate relationship with the complexity of life. I wouldn’t ever want life to simple, but at times it’s a little too complex.

I think I have ADD. It’s definitely very likely that I do, but I have such a miniscule desire to do anything about it. If I sought treatment for it, might I then become less creative and reflective? Why would I want to suppress my thoughts? Even these incredibly random ones…

‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. ~Alfred, Lord Tennyson: Someone said to me recently that the pain of loss makes them wonder if it’s worth it. Is love ever really not worth it?

America is such a fast-paced nation. All over the country people are racing through their days and nights in a caffeine induced frenzy. Go, go, go! I love speed, efficiency and productivity. I love health and happiness, too. Find the balance. I might blog about this in more depth…

How does an artist know if their work is good? Is “good” good enough? I want to share my artwork, but I’m scared. I don’t really have any talents or abilities like other people. My friends and family always tell me that my talent is my art. That scares me because if I’m not any good at art then I have nothing left. I want honest feedback on my work, not biased or polite compliments, but I’m scared that I already know the honest answer and I’m just not ready to hear it.

I hate possums. Someday I’ll tell you why.

I love the internet. People gripe about our technology-obsessed society, but it’s this technology that connects us on a whole new level. Because of the internet we can meet and talk to people all over the world, and that is a wonderful thing!

Is she thinking of me as often as I’m thinking of her?   

I love how people reveal true pieces of their character without meaning to. You can learn so much about a person if you pay attention and listen. I can see how much of myself I reveal in seemingly insignificant remarks or conversations. I always wonder if others notice. I know my friends don’t realize what they’re revealing to me in the words and topics they choose. Pay attention and you can see in someone what they might not even see in themselves.

I wonder why no one can tell that I have mild Asperger’s. It’s so obvious to me. I guess it’s because it is mild, and also maybe most people don’t know much about it. Or maybe I don’t have it at all and my signs come from somewhere or something else…

I cannot believe how much I’ve changed in just a few short years. I was one way for much of my life, and then suddenly everything inside me transformed into something so completely different. It worries me sometimes, though, because I have to wonder if I could just as suddenly go back to being the way I was before. Probably not. Hopefully not…   

Where the hell has my appetite gone lately? I prefer to enjoy my food, not force it down.

Why do so many people complain about celebrities (singers or actors) while spending so much of their time watching movies and shows or listening to music produced by said celebrities?

I’ve noticed some bloggers “liking” some of my posts on here immediately after I post them. Have they even had time to read what I’ve posted?

Okay, enough random thoughts. The longer I sit here, the more I will write. Time to be productive now.